An Attraction to Innovation

Magnetic Analysis Corporation: An Attraction to Innovation

A little glimpse into the very well written article on MAC

Written by Sasha Orman

Produced by Alex Hortaridis

The Right Technology for the Customer

When it comes to non destructive testing, MAC specializes in three technologies: eddy current,
flux leakage, and ultrasonic testing. What separates MAC from its competitors is its range, giving
customers their choice of the three rather than a limited set of options.

“That’s one of the unique things about MAC: we’re one of the only companies around the world
that can offer all three of these technologies,” says Dudley Boden, Vice President of Sales at
MAC. “They each have different strengths and weaknesses, and different applications that they’re
better used in, so it gives us a real advantage. Instead of saying, ‘this is what we have to sell – how
can we make that work in your facility,’ we can go to a customer and say, ‘what are you doing,
what kind of defects do you need to find, what kind of standards are you working to?’ Then we can
put together the right technology for their requirements.”

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