Magnetic Analysis Corporation has introduced a compact, reliable ultrasonic tester for assessing the degree of Nodularity in ductile iron cast automotive components. The Echomac® VM operates with either full immersion or bubbler couplant technology, and one instrument can test two parts from separate test stations, simultaneously.  The instrument’s easy to read screens allow users to evaluate velocity, thickness, or flaws in less than two seconds.  Two channels are supplied for velocity and two for flaw testing, with an option of four additional flaw channels.  The instrument is supplied with industrial hardened I/O connections protected from the environment and a closed loop heat exchanger ensures proper operating temperature. A Trend Chart display and built in Data Logger are also included.Velocity Measurement and NDT

As the use of nodular graphite iron material has expanded in recent years for automotive safety parts, ultrasonic velocity measurement provides an industry accepted, reliable means of verifying the material integrity of the part. Unacceptable degrees or variations in Nodularity, a type of graphite structure that can develop during the production process, can attenuate the velocity of sound waves passing through the material.  The Echomac® VM measures the sound velocity and, using known limits, reports whether the part is acceptable.

For those who need an automated test system, MAC can provide an industrial hardened test tank and instrument designed to provide high speed ultrasonic velocity testing. The operator loads the part into the test fixture, after which the part is tested and the system automatically stamps it if good, and ejects it into the appropriate area. Part testing speed is typically 3 – 5 seconds (800 – 1200 parts per hour).